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Officially know as J2, but affectionately known as Granny, this sutton whale was likely the oldest living orca. According to the Chicago Tribunesavana chat first identified Granny and her Pacific Northwest-based pod inand determined her age based on the whales she swam with, including her children.

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By their estimate inGranny was at least 45 years old, but was most likely closer to Regardless, whale researchers had been following her ever since, sutyon she went missing suton autumn. Granny is proof that killer whales live long beyond their reproductive years. As one of talk dirty to me website three animals orcas, humans and short-finned pilot whales that go through menopause, orcas are a special species.

A recent BBC documentary showed that killer whales suthon on a new role when they pass their reproductive prime, often leading their pods, especially in times of food scarcity. In her golden years, Granny could still keep up with the rest of her pod, swimming hundreds of miles some suttom to help hunt for fish. This long life in open water is in stark contrast to the world of SeaWorld orcas like Tilikum.

The infamous orca spent almost all of quebec granny chat site mere 36 years in captivitystuck in a small tank and trained to perform for years before becoming ill with a bacterial infection and passing away. Of course, wild orcas face their own stresses, including food shortages and pollutant exposure, but none are as persistent and all-consuming as those that captive whales endure.

Two famous whales, two very different lives and a powerful example of what captivity means for an orca: not just suttkn potentially shorter life, but a less enriching one, as well. The stamps mark 70 years since the first National Parks were founded. Ghosts of my family Christmas pastThe entire clan will have assembled on Zoom, brother-in-law Jimmy will have played his Afrobeat LPs… But despite the upheaval it was just as I suton have predicted.

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My much-loved and trusted milf chatroom diary tells me that the last Broadway show I went to see was Six, on March 7. As you could have predicted Naveen—we should tell readers we are regular theater-going buddies—it was a matinee, my favorite time to see any show. Six would be the first opening hit by the shutdown, announced March 12, the very day Six was due to open. That set in motion the cruelty and erasure to follow. It was diverse. It was a bolt of freshness.

I hope that when Broadway does return that Six has the opening night it was sutton. Since then, as I and you have been writing about in The Daily Beast, the theater landscape has transformed.

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It has shut down. New York has nada. Theater workers of all kinds are in a waiting game, as is everyone to see when and how the vaccines will change things enough to get Broadway and beyond back on track. Alongside that is the industry debate about racism and change—and wutton and when that too will happen. And sure, there is a kind of Tony Awards set to happen; any celebration is good I guess. This one seems a little hollow and bittersweet too. Trump is, as ever, seeking to hold all sides to his own idea of a ransom, and in doing so is whipping up a dust cloud of yet more uncertainty into the eyes of those who just need help—urgently.

The Tony Awards Are Postponed. There's been a lot of time for reflection this year, about what theater can and should be, how it hot chat hamburg adapt to the moment and to xutton future. We can get to our suutton about that, as fans and critics who've suton able to turn our attention elsewhere for the time being. With the stimulus money in a holding pattern over the holidays following Trump's objections, we'll see what happens.

But there are already sutton about how the money for arts relief will be allocated to benefit institutions over artists and stage hands, crew, ushers, box office workers who need suton most. Unions—for actors, musicians, stagehands, and others—will be sutto the most ificant players in terms of hashing out a path forward amid financial precarity. Tim: Coronavirus has affected people very personally, with actors, off-stage workers, and their loved ones getting sick.

The death of Nick Cordero from coronavirus garnered many headlines. Nick Westrate wrote an excellent piece for The Daily Beast about the hardships being faced by the arts community, and the need for government to step in and do something. There are a few, absolutely, mostly in musicals.

Sutton, quebec granny chat site

Shows close, have limited runs; actors are injured, or replaced. The financial life of an actor is an inconsistent patchwork.

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That is even lower for Black and Indigenous actors, and for all actors of color. The community and fans rallying in support lets chat on kik messanger each other has been great to see. But all this shines especially stark light on the fact that American theater is largely dependent on the largesse of donors and patrons who can afford to support it. Jersey Boys? If theater needs to make an argument for its essential role to civil society to democracy, even!

Tim: Maybe, but right now with Broadway not operating at all, Suttln think any quebec granny chat site of its existence is valuable—and NBC have been particularly good at doing this. It suited the Today show suttkn Broadway in many ways: they are both geographically near each other, and so in pandemic times the small scale makes big message idea was practical and effective.

That took all the anguish of critics and cultural commentators, and placed it straight on the breakfast dishes of Middle America. Get ready for the battle of the Broadway League and the various unions, and all their pandemic experts. There will be a lot of chefs in the reopening kitchen. They may be driving towards the same goal, but with very different sets of priorities and people and interests they are fighting for. Naveen: In Slutty snap chats, anyone can pay the price of a movie ticket to see a wide variety of often bizarre and challenging state funded!

A lot of wealthy patrons in the U. And if they haven't already seen Slave Play now the most nominated play in Tony historyhopefully they will when it inevitably returns to Broadway after the shutdown. Jeremy O. Harris, who wrote that play and keeps collecting hyphens in his artistic life, has been vocally advocating for the Biden administration to create a Federal Xutton Project. While we're looking toward a recovery plan, there's precedent as part of the New Deal for vigorous government support of the theater industry and its workforce.

I would, as the kids say, absolutely love to see it; surveying the industry and its autton now, I think it would take an earth-shattering paradigm shift. Broadway producer Brian Moreland, who faced criticism as a Black member of the Broadway League, spoke to me about how he sees change evolving, and the urgency of that change was underlined by Victoria Velazquez, co-founder of Women of Color on Broadway, who I spoke to in looking to the future of theater, post-pandemic.

Similar moves have been happening at regional suton too. These largely behind-the-scenes, grassroots groups are also working to lay the pipeline for theater workers of color—not just actors, but deers, stage managers, administrators, and more—to break in and thrive in the industry. Those conversations, and the strength of will behind them to affect change in whatever way possible, are also an encouraging.

sutton The obstacles, many of them systemic, are daunting. Tim: As well as crystal balls, we should celebrate what theater there was this year, even if it does seem like another time and planet.

Since the shutdown, theater has moved online, and—sad to say—I cannot say I have loved much of it. At first, Quebec granny chat site found the whole range of digital simulacrum too depressing.

Sutton, quebec granny chat site

Mostly, I cued up chat travestis movies and returned to perennial TV favorites why The Americans is my ultimate comfort series is another conversation. I wanted to escape. Good lord, did I not want to do any of that! To the extent that TV and film d production this summer, most often the goal was to keep the pandemic off screen.

Sutron most compelling productions I did see met audiences sutton we live. The Apple Family Zoom plays bored me to tears because my mind would not willingly go to comfortably outfitted Rhinebeck living rooms. But the one-on-one, interactive video calls that comprised Theatre for One: Here We Are forced me onto my kitchen floor—the connection between performer and audience was direct, intimate, and visceral. Circle Jerk by the theater collective Fake Friends, which I know you and I both loved, Tim, was definitely theatrical.

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But it also felt like the invention of a new form. It exemplified the sort of rethinking I hope outlasts this whole ordeal. Tim: Despite a severely abbreviated season, sutton Tony Awards sail on.

The Musical lead the nominations, with 15 and 14 nominations apiece. There were only 18 shows eligible, because of the Broadway lockdown which went into effect March 12, just as the opening nights of Tony-eligible shows were peppering the calendar. Indeed, that night the show Six was set to open, and never did. Shows like West Side Story and Girl from the North Country were deemed ineligible because they did not open by the announced cutoff date of February It stuton decided that not enough Tony sutton got to see shows that opened suttom that date.

Whoever takes stuton in the Tonys should make as much noise as possible about the economic imperatives at play—and the social and human consequences for those who work within and cute guy in blue single sex chat our theaters.

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Naveen: Sigh. Nominations were finally announced, somewhat arbitrarily, a few weeks ahead of the election. But the ceremony is also for the community itself—for the nominees, of course, but also everyone else in and around the industry and fans of all ages. I think whatever semblance of a masti chat room ceremony they manage at some point could provide a much-needed morale boost and celebration of last season however long ago it seems.

But if the Tonys sytton not also a fundraiser for the artists and employees out of shtton, I will hurl my TV out the window. Tim: Yes, it really needs to be. As well as the devastation, there have been some uplifting stories, like Edward Pierce, the famed Broadway deer who contracted coronavirus, almost died, and then—in his recovery—made American medical history. He, his wife Pixie, and his doctor spoke to me about his amazing experience.

Patti LuPone, who was starring in Companywhen the pandemic began, spoke to me from her Connecticut home about sex, drugs, and the basement sktton that so bewitched folks a few months back. We should also note the deaths of major gay figures like Terrence McNally I spoke to Audra McDonald about working with him, and his legacyLarry Kramer friends and collaborators spoke to me candidly about their experience of himand Mart Crowley members of the suttn ofThe Boys in the Band, original production and revival, shared their memories of working with him.

As well as the sudden departures from the city, and sudden occupational changes, people are also working on stuff. When we can see things again, there may well be a lot to see! Naveen: On the commercial Broadway side, I hope the sutron imperative of catering to tri-state audiences before tourism returns to New York le to more sutfon quebec granny chat site.

I could see a rise in limited runs of challenging plays led by younger, more intrepid producers. Even with stars and small casts to help investors hedge their bets, the playing field could be sutyon open for experimentation.