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Interface to get notifications to show to the user on mobile devices. Mobile platforms usually provide a framework to push-notifications to mobile devices. The app needs to register a push-notification token.

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This listener provides the required data to prepare platform-specific notifications for several events, such as new messages received, deletions, truncation of history Definition at line of file megachatapi. The MegaChatMessage object will be valid until this function returns. Karere API. Public Member Functions List of mega chat room members.

Detailed Description Interface to get notifications to show to mgea user on mobile devices. Multiple inheritance isn't used for compatibility with other programming languages The implementation will receive callbacks from an internal worker thread.

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This function is called when there are interesting events for notifications. The possible events that are notified rom the following: Mega chat room of a new message from other user if still unseen.

Mega chat room

Trucate of history for both, when truncate is ours or theirs. Changes on the lastest message seen by us don't notify unseen messages.

Mega chat room

MegaChatApi connected to the. MegaChatMessage representing a 1on1 or groupchat in the list.

Mega chat room