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Slow sunday fast chat looking sex Chateaugay New York So we agree to meet and you show up in your best t-shirt - do you know that since the moment we set plans I have debated what to daet for hours? I have sent you a photo and you can see that I am well groomed and stylish dunset dress - yet you are sporting a comb-over and think socks with sandals works!!

Do you really think its worth meeting?

Good manners! Open the door, hold the door - if I need to elaborate further on this subject you louisians to go back to whomever raised you and ask why!! They failed you!!

And yet you wonder why you get only spam responses and not real females!? So the List: 1.

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Find something nice to wear - jeans and shorts are fine but throw on a polo or dress shirt with them - iron the shirt cuz you can bet I will be wrinkle free. I will - as I would hope any self-respecting female would - offer louksiana cover some part of the date.

Mature sex chat meet date sunset louisiana

So we are in front of each other - pepper every other statement about your self with a question about me. My correct name, my work schedule, etc.

Mature sex chat meet date sunset louisiana

Is this really too much too ask? Am I just a demanding bitch?

Or do you want to get laid? Because all the mushy stuff is wonderful but honestly where are your thoughts at most times? Just the thoughts of a disappointed female.