When most of us think about staying in a hotel, the first thing that probably comes to mind is an image of luxury.

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So check and make sure that everything that is listed is there, this will avoid a headache at checkout. If you notice a that a few items are missing, simply call down to the house wife chat desk and let them know. They'll make a note of it an ensure you that what's missing won't land on your bill. Certain quilts and comforters that require special washing don't get washed all that much in hotel rooms. To ensure you're not cuddling up in a dirty blanket, hot things in a hotel room remove it from the bed upon arrival.

Usually it's just for show anyway, you'll be warm enough with the duvet and other sheets. And remember, your suitcase that you just dragged through an airport is not clean either, so don't plop it on the bed!

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When unpacking, use the floor or a suitcase stand to rest your luggage on. Just in case of emergency, check hogel your room's fire and emergency escape plan upon arrival.

The evacuation plan should be mounted on the wall or in plain sight, so it's always good to spend a minute looking it over and orienting yourself. That way, yotel anything happens, you know exactly what to do, which direction to go, and how to proceed. There's nothing worse than checking into a room, thigs all settled and snug into bed, only to find out that it's either too hot or to cold to sleep.

You should absolutely avoid touching the drinking glasses next to your hotel room sink slutty asian Kai

Check your room's thermostat and make sure it's working properly before you even unpack your bags. Sometimes you just need a little help from the front desk to get it sorted, dc hotties chat dc if it's actually broken, you'll want to know early on so you can change rooms and get settled with all of the amenities you were promised. If you plan on using the cups and wine glasses that come with your room, wash them with hand soap and then rinse them under the hot water for a minute or two first.

On the off chance that the cleaning crew missed the ropm, or wrongly assumed the guest before hadn't used the cup when they had, you're better off hot things in a hotel room hotep sorry!

The same goes for the coffee pot. If you plan on drinking from it, wash it first. By Kaitlyn Wylde. Check For Bedbugs.

Remove Comforter. The Emergency Plan. Make Sure The Thermostat Works. Now we're talking.

Melbourne Marriott is levelling up the hot things in a hotel room experience with a hotel room that includes not only its own private hot tub, but also a cinema-quality screen for you to watch the htel of your choice from that very hot tub or from reclining deck chairs, if you're getting a bit prune-y. Tell the hotel what film you want to see and it will be set up and htings for you when you arrive. Plus, ya know, a hot tub. About us.

Hot things in a hotel room

. Photograph: Marriott Hotel You can book a hotel room with a private hot tub and cinema in Melbourne Fancy watching a film from a spa? If you want the ultimate romantic movie night, thnigs could be your perfect staycation. Rather get out of the city? These are our favourite weekend getaways.

Hot things in a hotel room