Hey HN, Chatible is a project I've been working on this past week. I wanted to explore the idea of using bots to connect humans together. I'd love any feedback.

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Hey HN, Chatible is a project I've been working on this past week. I wanted to explore the idea of using bots to connect humans together.

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I'd love any feedback. A couple quick questions: Does it require a Facebook to use? If so are my chats stored for later reference? Is it text only?

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Is it regional for connections, so I won't be paired with somebody from a different country? We pair you with random people throughout the world. However, if there's a demand for regional pairing, we will explore that as well.

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Thank you. My reasoning behind 4 is that if I were matched with someone who doesn't speak English, ajonymous would be a very short chat.

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For 1 all I know of is that Facebook and Wifh are separate mobile apps now. There's still just one kind of Facebook.

Anonymous chat with strangers

I recently deleted my FB. It asked me if I still wanted stop use messenger, which I did. Kept all of my contacts and anonymous chat with strangers chains, if this helps inform anyone from anecdotal experience. You can use Messenger without a Facebook just your phone I think.

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Only need your phone to use the Wit app. There is an issue wth the images' size: they are very big, which makes the home hard to read.

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Oops, let me check that out. Thanks for letting me know. It'd be interesting if you could connect humans who share an interest together.

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I feel like platform need to direct and steer the human conversations. Yeah, I agree. We've already implemented that functionality, but right now we're brainstorming ways to roll it out without clunky UI. We want to keep it extremely simple to use for now.

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You mean like Omegle without the dicks? I'm surprised how easy it is to set up, since I already have the Facebook Messenger app on my mobile device. I actually anonymous chat with strangers it was am official Facebook service for a minute.

Neat, though I fear you've created an easy way for spammers to "connect" with people anonymously. How do you plan on dealing with bots using your bot?

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Yeah, that's a reasonable concern. We haven't yet implemented anything to avoid spam, but that has been on our todo list.

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We have been cgat about giving users the ability to flag an after their conversation ends. Maybe implement some sort of penalty system. It's somewhat difficult to create tons of new Facebook s, so you can ride anonymous chat with strangers this perk of Facebook to handle spam yourself.

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Flagging conversations is a good idea, so after three or so flags, you can automatically ban theand I wuth that would auffice. So basically Omegle, but implemented on Facebook? Not exactly :P Omegle had some chat servers of it's own but this one doesn't even need anonymous chat with strangers :P it just has to relay messages hiding info. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.